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Mithra Dev Publication Pvt. Ltd.,

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Mithra-Dev Publications, established in 2022 as a commercial publisher, plays a significant role in the field of education and academia, particularly for B.Ed. students and those studying in colleges affiliated with Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University in Chennai. Here's an overview of the key features and objectives of Mithra-Dev Publications: Publication Focus: Mithra-Dev Publications specializes in a wide range of academic disciplines, including Science & Technology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Literature, Arts, Educational Books, School / Children Books, Ideology, Educational CDs, and more. Approval: It has received approval from the competent authority, signifying its credibility and adherence to educational standards. International Seminars: Mithra-Dev Publications organizes international seminars, fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas among scholars and educators worldwide. Academic Awards: The publication recognizes and awards academic professionals, highlighting their contributions to the field of education and academia. Publication Support: They provide services related to seminar proceedings, conference certificates, and theses. Curriculum Focus: The primary purpose of Mithra-Dev Publications is to create educational materials for B.Ed. students and educators, aligning with the syllabus of the first, second, and fourth semesters at Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University. Semester-wise Syllabus: The books are designed to cover specific topics and subjects in each semester, including contemporary India and education, educational psychology, teaching and learning, language across the curriculum, environmental education, assessment for learning, school management and administration, creating an inclusive school, yoga, health and physical education, gender, school and society, and knowledge and curriculum. Teaching-Learning Process: The books aim to provide student teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the education system, student behavior, language use, and the teaching-learning process. Sample Question Papers: Each lesson includes sample question papers to help student teachers prepare for exams effectively and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Audience: These books are valuable not only for student teachers but also for teacher educators who work as teachers themselves, enhancing their knowledge and teaching skills. Acknowledgments: Mithra-Dev Publications acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of individuals who have been involved in creating these educational materials.